National Lock & Locker is a family-owned local business that began in 1965 with John Cozad, the founder, working alongside his daughter and two sons. In the beginning the company was contracted to perform locker services for the Gorrie-Regan and Associates company out of Birmingham, Alabama. When Gorrie-Regan left the Atlanta area, the elder Cozad continued the business as his own. Since John's retirement, his son, Neil, has taken over the company’s operations. Since then, the company has expanded both in size and scope of services. As we have grown, customer service has remained our top priority.  This is why our customers have used our services for over 40 years!

National Lock & Locker is a big name, but we are a small company that wants to earn and keep your business. When we come out to your school to perform the work, you will see the same people year after year. We do all of our own work in-house. We never farm out our core business to contractors who may or may not know lock and locker maintenance, and certainly don’t know your school system.

We feel the best way to service our clients’ needs is to be available not just one day every summer, but all year round. Since we are a local company, we respond more quickly and efficiently to your needs. Also, at least one of our company’s principals will always be on-site while the maintenance of your school locker system is being performed. Service, reliability, and stability are our trademarks. 

Low overhead and a local presence make choosing our company an easy decision. We can beat all of our competitors’ prices and provide better service. You will always be able to get in touch with one of the company principals, not just a salesperson or customer service representative. Finally, we give you peace of mind that the job is performed correctly. When we leave your school, you are ready to assign your lockers—what could be more simple!