Smaller Budget?  Refurbish your existing lockers instead of replacing them for a fraction of the cost.

Our Locker Renovation Service Includes:

Door and frame repair and replacement
Striker plate, latch finger replacement and hinge welding
Replace missing nuts and bolts
Electrostatic painting of inside and outside of lockers, including door and frame edges
Installation of new number tags


See some of our past projects below.  Click on the individual thumbnail to view the picture in a separate window.

We use the latest and most advanced locker refinishing methods.

We're A Certified Lead-Safe Company!

Do Your Lockers Look Like This?

We can Make Them Look New Again!

We Can Match Your Paint To Factory Specs...

...Or Give Your Lockers A New Face Lift!

There's No Color We Can't Match.

From A Simple Color Change - Before...

...and After

To MAJOR Renovations and Painting.

Amazing Results!

Look At The Padlock Marks and Rust.

We Can Make Them Disappear.

Want To Match Your School Colors?...


We Only Use the Ransburg Type 2 Spray Gun.

Other Painters Use Inferior Equipment.

This Is A Picture Of Overspray From One of Our Competitors. Don't Let This Happen To You.